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Clearance Service has been providing a house clearance service to clients across Sussex for over since 2003. We pride ourselves on our customer service, competitive quotes and our growing list of returning customers. 

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Clearance Service Tree Planting Project

As a family run business with young children we understand that in the provisions of our service we are contributing to the adverse effects on our climate.  We have therefore embarked up a project to completely offset our carbon footprint and of the goods we collect and dispose.

This is an ongoing project where we are constantly looking at not only making our services more environmental friendly, but also the day to day running of our business and our services.  To get us started we planted 100 tress with the Woodlands Trust.

We will plant 100 trees for every TONNE of waste that we reluctantly send to landfill.

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Hoarded House Clearance Service

Experts at:

  • Hoarded house clearance
  • Finding documents and other valuable items
  • Leaving a property clean and sanitary

Having to clear the home of someone who has been hoarding, normally for years, sometimes even for decades can seem like a monumental task – but it doesn’t have to be.

Clearance Service is one of the country’s leading providers for house clearance and we have years of experience working with relatives and friend’s of people who have been hoarding. We are professional, experienced and understanding and experts in finding important items in a house where nothing seems straightforward.


Clearance Service
Tel: 01444 241853 Mob: 07765 364740

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Our Hoarded House Clearance Service

We work efficiently and quickly to clear a house and leave it in a sanitary manner that may seem impossible to achieve. As well as clearing the house we are able to help with other aspects. With over 10 years of experience in clearance, dealing with collectables and antiques we will help you with aspects that may seem above and beyond what you would expect. These include:

Finding valuable documents – including will, shares and bond documents, birth or marriage certificates plus family photos and other memorabilia. Before clearing we perform a comprehensive search of the property and sift through all documents looking for a will or other important paperwork – be it legal or sentimental.

Finding other valuable items – including car keys, keys to lock ups or safes, jewellery and other important items. All potentially important items are kept and given to you to assess.

Valuables and collectables assessment – In amongst everything there are often other items that have value, whether sentimental or otherwise, we can help to find, assess and value items. These items can, at times be used to offset house clearance costs.

Hazardous waste management – frequently with this sort of clearance, we find materials that shouldn’t have been kept… we work with a team of certified professionals who are able to safely dispose of any and all waste.

Sensitivity – when dealing with family members, neighbours and anyone else who may be affected we will handle all matters however you need. With training in managing challenging behaviours, which includes obsessive compulsive behaviours, we can help with sensitive situations. We also know that sometimes it is necessary to be discreet and are able to be arrive in unmarked vans or sensitively deal with neighbours.

Talk to us about your situation and we can also help direct you to charities and local authorities who can advise you.

Our house clearance service is available in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.


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