Probate Valuations

Probate Valuation

As one of the leading providers of probate valuation services in the U.K. we offer a no hassle, straightforward probate services including probate valuation and property clearance service.

For more complex valuations we contract with RICS certified valuers, so you are guaranteed to get a professional probate service.  At Clearance Service, we can assist you with gaining the legal right to deal with a recently deceased person’s property, money and their possessions. You can only deal with another person’s property, if no next of kin has been specified, after obtaining a grant of representation otherwise known as Probate. As part of our Probate Service,


We can offer you with the right advice and service needed to assist you with your probate requirements.  Our probate services include probate valuation and property clearance services. The probate valuation service will provide you with accurate valuations of possessions, property and insurance. By using our probate valuation services, you can ease and speed up the process of inheritance and be assured to receive an accurate valuation.

We work closely with a number of RICS qualified probate valuers, who are experienced at valuing house contents, including furniture, antiques, art and other possessions. Let us take care of your probate valuations and other inheritance matters. Choose us for all your probate services needs.  Also, with our property clearance service, we can completely take care and remove unwanted items, clutter and possessions from the property as well ensuring the property is safe and secure. Hence, we offer a comprehensive probate service guaranteed to meet your requirements.  Probate Valuation Providing probate services has become quite difficult for some probate service providers, as we have heard of many cases where the Inland Revenue have raised questions regarding the valuation reported generated by these probate service companies. Generally, this happens when unqualified people carry out the valuations. It is therefore more important than ever for your probate needs to use fully trained, qualified valuers who are specialists in their field and can use up to date market information to generate valuations on items that they specialise in.

At Clearance Service we work with a number of RICS qualified valuers as part of our probate services team who are trained to provide the most accurate valuations according to up to date market values. Also, the probate services we provide are fully compliant with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984.By using Clearance Service, you are guaranteed to get the best probate service and accurate probate valuations from a qualified specialist. Additionally, this frees up any responsibility and burden on your part, completely easing the probate process so you can take care of other matters. And, this also leaves no room for suspicion on part of other members who are bound to receive the inheritance, by providing an unbiased valuation.  As part of our probate service, we deal generally with solicitors, assisting them with all types of probate valuations and speeding up the process of inheritance.

All of our team are probate specialists within their own field and are highly capable of valuing property, antiques, jewellery, coins, medals and aware, books, cars, stamps and any other property that the deceased person left behind.  To find out more about our probate valuations services or any of our other probate services, contact us today. We offer a no obligation free consultation for your probate services needs. We welcome inquiries from solicitors, accountants, executors, family members or people looking for general information.

Property Valuation At Clearance Service, as part of our probate service, we provide an excellent property valuation service for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our qualified specialists are highly experienced at carrying out probate services and can accurately value properties according to current market rates. For legal reasons, it is highly recommended to get a qualified specialist to value your property so you can avoid any issues with Inland Revenue against your probate. Additionally, by using us for your Property service and valuation needs, you can speed up the entire process of inheritance, and completely lift the burden of valuation off your shoulders, so you can tend to other matters.  No matter what type of property you have, be it residential, commercial or industrial, our qualified surveyors are capable at carrying out an accurate property valuation. As part of our probate service, you will also be provided with all the necessary documents required for submitting to the IRS for tax purposes. You may also choose to get the contents of the property valued at the same time for probate reasons. By using us, we can do both the property valuation and a valuation of the contents at the same time.

We have a team of probate service specialists who are experts at valuing various types of contents ranging from furniture, antiques, art, books and vehicles, to name a few. You can rest assured knowing you will receive the most accurate value of the contents for probate purposes and receive the best probate service in the U.K.Clearance Service have been providing probate services for many years and have carried out many property valuations all across the U.K. which have all been handled professionally without any hassle or questions raised from inland revenue. They have also been carried out quickly. When you use us for your probate service needs and choose our property valuation service, you are guaranteed to get a professional, hassle-free probate service. Let us handle your property valuation needs, so you can take care of other matters.  When using an estate agent for property valuation, it is important to remember that valuations vary between each estate agency. This issue has been raised in past by revenue inspectors and may result in a much higher valuation leading to more tax, as well as a penalty. By using a RICS qualified surveyor, you will get a more accurate value report, one that is acceptable by Inland Revenue.

To find out more about our property valuations services or any of our other probate services, contact us today on () or by emailing us at (). We offer a no obligation free consultation for your needs. We welcome enquiries from solicitors, accountants, executers, family members or people looking for general information. Property Contents Clearance At Clearance Service, we also offer a professional property clearance service all across the U.K. Our team of cleaners are experienced at sifting through hordes of contents, removing any waste as necessary, setting aside personal belonging and also arranging for waste removal.We are able to carry out house clearing on all types of properties and we will ensure that the property is cleaned thoroughly, as well as keeping the property safe and secure by changing any locks if required. It is understandable that there may also be hygiene concerns, especially if the previous owner was suffering from any long term illnesses, and thus our team are adequately equipped to clean out any dirt or bacteria very carefully.

We understand that having to clean out a property, especially if you were very close to the recently deceased person, can be quite hard and difficult, and we guarantee to clean the property and clear its contents with dignity and care. We will also keep an eye out for any personal belongings that we believe could hold sentimental value or valuable documents, and we will pass this along to the correct people.  We are fully insured to carry out property clearances and provide probate services.

We work according to European health and safety standards. We will also recycle any items as appropriate and are very environmentally conscious. This process can be done fairly quickly with minimal disruption, so you can get the property back as soon as possible, and put it back on the market if required.  To find out more about our property clearance services or any of our other probate services. We offer a no obligation free consultation for your needs. We welcome enquiries from solicitors, accountants, executers, family members or people looking for general information.