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Clearance Services has been carrying out house clearance in and around Sussex for over 10 years. In that time we have found some great items of both monetary and sentimental value to our customers. Here are a few of the stories on some of the items we have found and their history.

Sweet Mini Find in Brighton House Clearance

house clearance Brighton

‘Sweet’ Miniature Find in Brighton House Clearance   100s of famous Bodo Hennig dolls’ house miniatures found in a Brighton house clearance. Including these adorable miniature Bodo Hennig Sweet Shop Glass Jars with real miniature sweets the size of rice grains! On this Brighton house clearance we found a gold mine of minis! These lovely Bodo Hennig […]

Stamp Collector’s – House Clearance East Grinstead

House Clearance Crawley

A Stamp Collector’s Dream Found in House Clearance East Grinstead A huge house clearance East Grinstead revealed a large collection of Royal Mail Presentation packs in a variety of designs and patterns. All stamp packs were in MINT condition, still in their plastic wrap. Presentation Packs like these were first introduced by The Royal Mail in 1960 and […]

Hove House Clearance Reveals Antique Cloisonne

house clearance hove

Hove House Clearance Service Reveals Antique Chinese Cloisonne. A House clearance in Brighton & Hove reveals an unique set of Chinese cloisonne pieces on wooden stands whilst carrying out a clearance service in a home there. This is set of gorgeous and highly collectable antique chinese cloisonne features a large bowl and two vases in […]

House Clearance Worthing Finds Oil Painting

 House Clearance Worthing Finds Rare Oil Painting.   House clearance in Worthing reveals an original Martin Theodore Ward Oil painting whilst carrying out a clearance service in a home. In a grand frame ‘A Mare & Foal in a Landscape’ was found in all it’s beauty. It instantly interested me and I wanted to do some […]

Clearance Service Sponsors Party in the Park Burgess Hill 2014

Party in the Park Burgess Hill 2014

Party in the Park Burgess Hill – 14th June 2014 Party in the Park Burgess Hill 2014     Could there be a  better way for Burgess Hill to throw a summer party than by piling the best local musicians into the the popular park? The line up includes: FIST LONG TIME GONE THE COURTELLES JOE 90 U2 […]

Clearance Service reunites war hero with CBE house clearance worthing

house clearance worthing

House Clearance Worthing Reunites War Hero With CBE Medal     A 90-year-old war hero has been reunited with his CBE thanks to the determination of a house clearer after finding the medals in house clearance worthing. Colonel Terry Cave, from Worthing, was thrilled when Lee Barnett of Clearance Service tracked him down after a CBE […]

House Clearance Crawley Reveals 20 full Sovereigns

Probat serives

House Clearance Crawley Reveals 20 full Sovereigns 20 Full sovereigns found on House Clearance Crawley Whilst offering a quote to a customer for a house clearance Crawley we revealed this box of 20 full sovereigns that weighed a total of 156 grams. We arrived at the house early on Sunday morning as the customer had […]

Why must I use a registered waste carrier House Clearance Brighton

house clearance east grinstead

Clearance Service is a registered Waste Carrier. Do I need to use a registered waste carrier for eg. House Clearance Brighton All householders in England have a responsibility to ensure that waste is disposed of in the correct manner. Waste that is not collected by your Local Authority must be handled by a registered waste […]

House Clearance West Sussex reveals Britains car

House Clearance West Sussex reveals a Britains Army Staff car. Last week we undertook a house clearance West Sussex and hidden in the clearance was this wonderful Britains Army staff car. The W. Britain brand name of toy and collectible soldiers is derived from a company founded by William Britain Jr. A British toy manufacturer, who in […]

House Clearance Brighton Reveals African Carvings

African Ivory Carvings found on a House Clearance Brighton. Over the Christmas period we were contacted and asked to undertake an emergency house clearance Brighton. We were contacted on the morning of the 26th of December and asked if we could undertake a house clearance & a deep clean. We were warned this was a very big […]